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The List Easy team was first created in November of 2006. We began as four talented individuals striving for something above and beyond expectation in the ticket industry. From the beginning, we had several cutting-edge software projects on our ambitious roadmap. Soon after we began a side project, our Ticket In Stock -based online store, we became aware of the difficulties involved. None of the existing software packages caught our eye as a solution to our problems. It was then that the idea of the List Easy was born.

Each of the original founders have history in the ticket industry and an extensive software background. With this expertise, we're able to bring you a new solution to help you manage your ticket business. We hold great pride in the List Easy. The List Easy were designed and developed by experienced software engineers who knew exactly what was needed in order to make their own store run smoothly. List Easy has been built to suite are business needs in everyday task Few other developers in the e-commerce industry have designed their solutions from the perspective of a real store owner. In software, this kind of problem is always most apparent in the interface. Please spend some time with us and take a look at the List Easy. Tell us what you think. If you would like any additional information, please email us at support@listeasy.net.

Since the engineers themselves were in need of great software - they created it.