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What is List Easy?
List Easy is a ebay store order management system. Worrying about the steap learning curves of a management system is a major problem. This is not apparent in the List Easy interface, which can be seen in the List Easy Tour. We designed List Easy along with an actual ticket store, so every feature in List Easy was determined to be necessary and designed with real-life needs in mind. Rarely is the opportunity to develop and design a solution in the midst of actual real-world use available. Upload orders directly to your Ebay store. Modify and process orders using fine-grain user security access rights. Generate custom layouts to show your professionalism to your clients. Real features designed by real store-owners and software engineers make up the List Easy software.

How Does It Plug-In With Ebay?
List Easy was created to harness all of Ebays features. Using our own secure uploading script, List Easy will connect directly to your Ebay Store via a secure 128-bit SSL connection. It is only through this connection that order information is transmitted. List Easy can help you create daily batches and upload inventory quickly, easily, and securely.

What About Stock and Inventory?
List Easy developers are hard at work on the new inventory control system. While allowing you to manage stock and individual item tracking within your inventory base, you will also have the luxury of uploading real-time stock information back to your Ebay store.

Where Can I Learn More?
Take the List Easy Tour and see for yourself what List Easy can do for you.