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List Easy Features
Direct, Secure Ticket Uploading
Modify and add to upload inventory
Fine-grain user security controls
Power, high-performance Server
Automation and notification features
Add/Edit fields or charges to any ticket being uploaded
Manage tickets case by case
Intuitive interface and easy learning curve
List Easy Feature List
  • Top-notch Usability
    The List Easy interface is very user friendly. Important features are only a click or two away. We designed List Easy to be an easy addition to your business regardless of how many customers or staff members you have.

  • Designed With Security In Mind
    Stores of different sizes have different staff needs. Concurrency and write-locking features insure the safety of your data in a multi-user environment.

  • Keep Your Employees Posted
    Auto-notifications allow you to receive automatic notifications of items sold instantly on your desktop. Auto-notifications can be created and sent based on the user selection, for instance, when a customer purchases your tickets on Ebay. Using the integrated options tools you could be notificed via taskbar popup, Pop Alert window, Or Via Txt Message to your cell phone.

  • Maintain Great Communication
    The List Easy's sophisticated note and reminder systems keep you and your staff up-to-date on orders and other tasks. Reminders can be created and assigned to individuals, departments, or just be generally accessible.

  • Import Your Inventory Without Worry
    List Easy will allow you to create store batches and download inventory via a 128-bit secure SSL connection.

  • Sometimes You Just Need to Know What's Going On
    The List Easy tracks virtually every action. From Uploading your inventory, to remove select seats that sold minutes ago.

  • Departmental Processing
    Keeping things organized within your store is key. The List Easy helps you do this by providing a departmental listing system. When inventory levels change, its easy to update your information back to your Ebay Market place. Production Histroy log exactly which of your tickets were upload with a time stamp. Also when your tickets sell on Ebay you will receive an automatic notification from your task bar streamling Your shipping staff can then process and verify the order fo shipment which avoiding double selling.
    The departmental processing heuristic is fantastic for small, medium and large-sized stores, but is also perfectly feasible for smaller stores. These tools are in place for your employees to process orders in a flash.